Cesanamedia is a leading media representative on the international market. In twenty years of activity Cesanamedia has become a relevant point of reference for all advertisers operating and investing abroad.


1994 > 1998

In 1994 Paolo Cesana started his own company based in Milan as exclusive representative of Rolling Stone, published in United States by Wenner Media. In the following years Paolo Cesana acquired the representation for the Italian market of various magazines published in United States and Europe. Amongst many, the American edition of Elle and Elle Decor, Travel & Leisure, George,  published by Hachette Filippacchi USA in joined venture with John Kennedy, and Wallpaper.



1999 > 2005

1999 was a turning point in the developing of the company: Cesanamedia started to represent The New York Times, the first newspaper within the media offer, and also started developing the Out of Home division, offering luxury Italian clients that were discovering this media worldwide.

In 2004
Cesanamedia srl was founded and the advertising turnover reached 30 million euro and coounted 25 staff members. 

In the following years the media portfolio acquisition included several important newspapers such as Le Figaro, The Times e The Sunday Times, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, The Asahi Shimbun e Kommersant.


2006 > 2010

In 2006 Cesanamedia became an Spa and started also the process of integration of sales activity of print and digital. Newspapers especially were greatly increasing their investment in the developing of their digital platforms.

All sales staff of Cesanamedia were selling integrated print and digital media. In the same year, Cesanamedia reached 57 millions euro of advertising turnover and 40 staff members. 

In 2009 Cesanamedia founded its television division taking in representation National Geographic, Sky News, Fox International, Sky Media Uk and other international tv channels. 


2011 > 2012

In March 2011 Paolo Cesana started to work on the creation of an international network of Cesanamedia.

In April 2012 Cesanamedia opened the first branch in Sao Paulo followed by Shanghai, Beijing, New York and Geneva.


our approach

The excellent level and variety in the media portfolio and the effectiveness of the consultancy offered made Cesanamedia the reference company for Italian companies investing and communicating internationally. There are three main types of clients that have been acquired and maintained over the years on the basis of their segment (categories grouping the pool of clients): fashion and luxury, corporate and institutions, and finally, design and interior decoration.

It is a set of clients comprising roughly 500 companies and boasting the most distinguished brands, that fully represent Italian entrepreneurial skills worldwide: excellent brands in fashion and luxury; locations and tourist boards; companies from the energy, automotive and technology sectors; the food & beverages segment in all of its highest expressions; and design, which has conquered all markets and contributed in redesigning public and private spaces worldwide.
Commercial staff, organised according to the type of company and specialised by sector, ensures constant and continued monitoring over clients on the Italian market.

The aim pursued was that of giving shape to a structure comprising fundamental and crucial points of reference for clients, merging the assets of media and communication experts with the skills of sector experts, be it luxury and fashion, corporate or interior decoration.

The figure of consultant goes beyond simple salesperson to take on the role of trait d’union and partner in-between publishers and clients; a precious role, who knows perfectly well both parties and is able to offer customised solutions and projects that are sustainable in the long term.
Those very long-term collaboration relationships, established and upheld over the years with clients and publishers, are a fundamental asset of Cesanamedia.

Cesanamedia has always had access to relevant information on the industry from its international partners on a regular basis. Sales and back-office staff is constantly exposed to the most advanced, innovative publishing houses in the world providing an extremely valuable overview of the global media scenario. This is the other great asset, which clients value and appreciate and which represents the basis on which the long-lasting relationship with clients is built. Starting from the brand communication requirements of clients, the Cesanamedia sales team has developed expertise and sensitivity in offering media as a whole, and in giving shape to integrated projects able to harmonise media planning with tailor-made projects, also supported by effective PR, event organisation and promotion activities. All of this for the benefit both of clients and of partner-publishers.

development strategy

The in-depth knowledge of advertising and communication business, together with the fruitful exchange with publishers and client companies, enables us to anticipate market trends and the needs of Italian brands.
The identified areas of development and further strengthening are therefore the following: proposal of the mobile as performing medium with high potentiality (in terms of traffic generated, originality in the advertising format, growingly mobile life-styles, etc.); exploration and proposal of content-based solutions together with integrated projects; increase in pre-packaged solutions available in multiple languages; concentration on the value of post-evaluations of campaigns, to be offered as a guarantee, control mechanisms and effective feedback to investors. 

Finally, the development of Cesanamedia international network represents the big challenge and opportunity for the coming years. 

business division

Print Media

High-quality newspapers, representing the most credited channel of information in the world of communication, have had to face in the past years several difficult challenges, undergoing significant transformation mainly caused by the advent of the internet. The most influential publications – aware of their wealth from the point of view of journalism, structure and organisation, and in order to be more competitive – have shown a very creative approach, incessantly developing editorial contents and investing substantial resources to renew the editorial layout, through four-colour process printing and changes in format. They also created in-house websites, quickly becoming the most followed information sites. Today the overall audience of a newspaper includes the paper-reading audience and web-consulting audience. Both contribute significantly in the formation of respected public opinion. Newspapers, their websites and attached magazines therefore represent the most adequate communication media for international companies – or aspiring ones – who require strong, influential and convincing channels in order to reach individual leadership on the various markets, to state the value of a brand and to lead the final consumer to buy. Newspapers exclusively represented by Cesanamedia in Italy are amongst the most important in the world; the development strategy for this specific area aims at the acquisition of leading newspapers in each country.

The newspaper industry has generated over time a valid and good-quality offer of weekly targeted magazines. There are news, fashion, jewels, car, interior decoration, travel and life-style segments that have provided an added value able to consolidate the newspapers’ relationship with their readers and to help them acquire new ones.Particular significance has been given over the past years to luxury supplements, able to satisfy both the needs of those on the lookout for new, high-quality products, and the requirement of identifying a proper editorial context for this type of advertisers.

The offer of periodical print and connected websites represented by Cesanamedia includes information, fashion, interior decoration and design, sports, tourism and economic titles. The worldwide periodical publications category is rich and multi-faceted: the development strategy aims at selecting a portfolio of leading, respected and representative publications in the Italian and international publishing environment, maintaining a common denominator of quality.




Digital Media

The definition of online is reductive today in terms of a scope of digital devices and instruments that have, over time, accompanied and replaced the classic PC for online navigation. Accessibility to the contents offered by publishers is multiplying, and likewise the number of tailored “editions” developed for each technological device and for connection between the various digital platforms  (PC, smartphone, tablet, iPad, social network, applications…). For investors, there has been significant growth in offer within the digital world, and the opportunity of reaching specific targets who enjoy digital media at different times and in different situations during the day is more polished.

Strategies dedicated to digital media are already crucial in our clients’ planning. No longer a mere but effective complement, digital media are now a platform to which targeted strategies are dedicated. Suggested digital advertising solutions are increasingly complex and sophisticated both from the point of view of creativity and of monitoring and measurability. Communication plans seamlessly integrating print and digital media are more and more interesting and successful.

Cesanamedia offers its clients the opportunity of communicating digital extensions of newspapers, magazines and television networks trough the portfolio.


The division has been active until 2013.
At the end of 2008 a collaboration started with Fox International Channels. FOX One Stop Media is FOX International Channels’ (FIC) full-service, cross platform advertising sales arm.  It provides clients with access to FIC’s premium portfolio of 30 television channels and leading online properties across all genres and in virtually all markets, through a single point of contact.  
The television networks exclusively represented in Italy by Cesanamedia for international communication plans are FOX, National Geographic, the Sky platform in Great Britain and Germany, Sky News and STAR in Asia.  
These are respected, appreciated television brands – real with cult following in the case of Fox – with high-quality contents, and pay TV channels ensuring a “hand-picked”, dedicated audience that is consistent with the offer.
They are global television networks, and yet at the same time they are relevant at a local level where they are present with local language, targeted programming channels. This enables Italian investors to implement regional and global campaigns, but also to focus on specific markets.
Cesanamedia is thus able to offer to the various networks cross-range audiences with a similar and consistent profile: sophisticated in taste and in television utilisation, and commercially attractive.
Premium contents are the common ground for all networks. 
News and  exclusive sports events, exclusive sports events, entertainment of the highest standards, cult series and documentaries, films and documentaries with breath-taking images. HD, obviously. We offer Italian companies complete support from the planning phase to the airing of campaigns. Alongside spot advertising campaigns aired on several markets, our television portfolio enables the realisation of communication projects implemented over several platforms (TV, online, mobile, events, applications) starting from a consistent and significant integration with editorial contents.